Why Should You Start A Blog In Data Science: A New Niche To Explore

In this internet age, so many people strive to get their voices out and share ideas. Initially, while most of them cling to social media to achieve this, only a few buy the idea of owning their space and starting their blogs where they’ll be in charge and have control. A few years back, blogs were seen as a personal diary — a virtual space where you post your ideas and experiences. But is this notion the same now? Well, there are more than 500 million blogs in the world, and of course, thousands of them are raking in millions yearly. So, is the idea still the same that blogs are just personal space?


Before we go further into why you should start a blog in 2021, It’s necessary to mention several blogs with competitive niches and new fertile lands to explore.

Blog on Data Science
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Data Science branched out around 2001, and it became popular in 2010 when there’s a need for group analysis of big data collected by the government and corporations. It is a study that focuses on analyzing complex data/records and predicting future outcomes to make smart and critical decisions. It involves several concepts from pre-existing disciplines, i.e., computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Besides, Data Science is now a household name in finance and, as a result, can be seen as a money-related topic. It is because companies and businesses are buying into its models for better market insights. For its dynamic and flexible approach to complex data analysis, stock traders invest heavily to stay above trading downfalls.

A Blog in Data Science — Reasons in Summary:

  • Data Science is a new study to explore.
  • It is one of the most searched business-related topics on Google in 2020
  • 75% of enterprises will shift to Data Science and AI by the end of 2024.
  • Thousands of blog owners are raking in millions yearly (Google Ads. And other adverts)
  • Build a career as a consultant in the field.
  • Build a huge audience/ readership.
  • Gain popularity and influence around the world.
  • Practical Application: Understand how to satisfy your readers and audience by applying fundamental Data Science and AI principles in your data analysis.

Either your beginner or intermediate, or pro data scientist, there are good reasons for building a community by writing and sharing ideas. Even with technical and non-technical articles, there is always someone interested in getting another perspective on the particular subject you want to share. An extension of the reasons described above are:

  1. Building a personal brand: It is a fundamental concept for every career path whatsoever. When addressing an article or post about Data Science, you will establish yourself as an expert. Writing is a great way to showcase your intellectual intrepidity to the world. People will start thinking about you and your brand when it comes to these topics.
  2. Sharpen your skills: With technical articles, you can always share what you have learned in terms of concepts, code, applications, and much more. It is a great opportunity to document everything you have done and keep doing, and, eventually, it will become in your resumé extended with the hands-on knowledge you already have worked on.
  3. Big picture of the area: With non-technical articles, you can always share your thoughts on how the field is evolving, what is trending, the next breakthrough, and even predict what can chase the practice in the years to come. Writing about these topics will give you the professional awareness of where you stand in the field and help others find their place in an ever-changing environment.
  1. Build community: It is always motivating to provide value to as many people as possible. By contributing, you could get help from the community (You have built – aka followers). Enabling spaces in which all the members share their own ideas and enrich the others’ views have a compounding effect on the value they are getting from each other.
  2. Mentor others: When you started and did not find the answers quickly, did you wanted to have someone who could show up the path or share the way followed for them to achieve what you want to achieve in the future? You can always start being your followers’ mentor, just telling them how you connected the dots, what were your drivers in the past. If you already had a good mentor and want to thank life for so much knowledge learned: Pay it forward.
  3. Door to great opportunities: Become available and searchable for the world. Anyone Googling your name can find your work. As stated before, your pots will serve as CV for you when opportunities present themselves.

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