I am a Senior Data Scientist, now what?

After the rigorous process of getting an education, perhaps a couple of degrees in Data Science, an internship as a data scientist somewhere, and now, a prestigious and well-deserved position as a Senior Data Scientist. The all-important question is, ‘Now what?’. Well, to whom much is given, much more is expected, that’s what. You have now filled big shoes, and with great power comes great responsibility.

Data Science?

As is already common knowledge, Data Science is a field of study that has become a more relevant and exciting area for exploration. It is a sub-field of general tech and AI that effectively maximizes various algorithms, machine learning tools, and principles to reveal patterns from raw data, applying and appropriating this information to innovative technology.

Tech is the future, and this future, as we now know it rests on the shoulders of revolutionary proactive thinkers, innovators, and professional tech gurus like you. The job of a Senior Data Scientist encompasses a range of similar roles; however, it can be narrowed down to essential supervision and guidance. All those years of hard work as an entry-level data scientist did not occur to keep you under the hammer forever. As a Senior Data Scientist, your roles may often be supervisory.

While we may conclude that a senior data scientist has paid his dues and should indeed be involved with only supervisory roles, being a leader often means taking the fall for errors of less experienced team members. It may also mean that you have to do the heavy lifting on tasking projects, especially if your team is predominantly inexperienced data scientists. Your duties now involve cross-checking and confirming the accuracy or authenticity of projects and jobs executed by your team.


As a Senior Data Scientist, your job detail covers analysis, management, strategizing, providing relevant information, and collaborating with other teams to achieve business goals. Depending on your industry, your job specification may now involve producing and maintaining a valid and working analytic structure that will lead to full-stack scalable data analytics and solutions to tech business problems.

Consequently, senior data scientists may choose to build their expertise to appropriate statistical models and apply statistical capabilities. You should know what tools work best and learn how to use them. You will also be tasked with drafting and editing reports on the junior data science departments’ performance, giving unbiased details on how well they have performed and plans on strategies for analytics.

Managerial Positions?

Moving forward, a senior data scientist may occupy managerial roles, so ample knowledge on how to work with people will be an added advantage in this regard. As a manager, you will supervise the performance of junior data scientists attached to your detail to ensure full implementation and thorough execution of their assigned duties.

You will also be expected to vet the quality of projects done, double-checking to ensure they are in sync with business goals and objectives. As a manager, you’ll need to ensure that the data department constantly works co-operatively to produce innovative ideas and solutions that will ultimately translate to better opportunities and desired results for team members and the business in general.


Strategic roles can be filled in by Senior Data Scientists as well. In this capacity, you are responsible for the calculated formation and production of innovative ideas. You get to work with vast datasets and aim to achieve working, seamless analytical systems devoid of hitches along the line, regardless of whatever platform or application it is run on.

You also initiate and oversee the production of excellent and reliable algorithms that will enable easy implementation of object classification, segmentation, detection, and recognition. You are responsible for strategically positioning your company or business for profitable opportunities using algorithms, mining techniques, and other statistical tools.

You may also look towards converting business goals into prototypes which will ease generating data frameworks that translate to accomplishing set goals as you move forward.
The path after acquiring the status of Senior data scientist is full of possibilities. Depending on your preferences, there isn’t precisely a predetermined path for everyone.

For instance, you may be saddled with the responsibility of updating your team with relevant knowledge on what is obtainable in your field per time. As a result, you cannot afford to let your knowledge bank go obsolete as it could jeopardize chances of copping juicy business deals or stall business growth.

In specific industries, you are expected to keep up with evolving trends, developments, analytic tools/practices, designs, and news, as this could either strategically place you in a position for catapultic progress or leave you behind as more innovative ideas and techniques are plowed into the tech industry daily. As always, you are to play a supervisory role in giving the data science department professional advice.


Understanding Your Duties

The job of a Senior Data Scientist is bordered on collaboration. In this capacity, you work with the junior data analyst team members to work out analytics systems, then oversee it to the point of prototyping and eventual production. When the systems have been developed, you are also expected to work with the senior data science management team responsible for perusal and vetting. Working hand-in-hand with the team, you are tasked with arranging insights to prioritize, making informed decisions, and ensuring that business goals are fully met.

As you have probably deduced, a senior data scientist’s potential roles and duties are intertwined and interdependent. They are not too complex, nor do they significantly differ from the current responsibilities of a senior data scientist in terms of workload.

You have gotten this far in your career through sheer determination, dedication, hard work, and maybe a determined stance against financial lack; you deserve your accolades – every last one. It only gets more accessible and better from this point, now that you are a senior data scientist.

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