Why should you know about Augmented Analytics in 2021?

Augmented Analytics has the potential to unlock your organization’s data enabling to actionable insights faster than traditional approaches.

Why is Bias-Variance Tradeoff important after all?

In evaluating a model, you should understand the concepts of bias, variance, and the trade-off in minimizing them. Knowing how to handle these errors would help you build accurate models and avoid falling into the overfitting and underfitting traps.

Data Science for Business – All you need to grasp

Storage of data was the main challenge as this contemporary world is in the era of big data, especially for corporate enterprises and companies. This issue has since 2010 been put forward and resolved when a great community of developers built some of the essential tools for processing a massive amount of data. Hence, the question, how do we process and utilize this data? Data Science? Yes, of course.

Data Science applications: Improve Domain Flipping

Domain valuation has a lot of inefficiencies that could be exploited by using Data Science techniques. Make it a profitable business.

COVID-19 Cases in Colombia

The figures below are based on data from the Instituto Nacional de Salud. Update: 10th January 2021 COVID-19 cases per 100.000 inhabitants import {Runtime, Inspector} from “https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@observablehq/runtime@4/dist/runtime.js”; import define from “https://api.observablehq.com/d/ce9bf6c4a9182bf5.js?v=3”; const inspect = Inspector.into(“#observablehq-7bb54831”); (new Runtime).module(define, name => name === “contagios_per_capita” ? inspect() : undefined);

Recommendation Systems Introduction

In this post, I will review the main recommendation systems at a high level, compare the different techniques, and finally, check the evaluation for these kinds of algorithms.

Optimization in Data Science

Although, optimization is not frequently highlighted in the most influential media channels about data science and is not headlined as important as artificial intelligence in massive news: it still has a very strong community around researching and applying these techniques to solve important problems in operation research; it is as old as calculus; it isContinue reading “Optimization in Data Science”